Casting Call for


September 10-12
at The Ritz Theatre of Scranton

 Directed by Brandon Hanks

Choreography by Calli-Ann Linares 


Performance DateS

Friday September 10 at 7pm at Ritz theatre of Scranton

Saturday September 11 at 7pm at Ritz theatre of Scranton

Sunday September 12 at 3pm at Ritz theatre of Scranton


Frederic – A member of the Pirates. unaffected and possesses an unself-conscious sex appeal. Youthful, handsome, genuine and innocent. Vocal range top: G4. Vocal range bottom: Bb2. 


Mabel – Child of the Major-General. Mabel is a classic beauty. Astute and sympathetic in nature. Mabel and Frederic fall in love. Vocal range top: Db6. Vocal range bottom: Bb3. 


Pirate King – The leader of the pirates. Typically found with an open shirt and wind in hair.Vocal range top: F4. Vocal range bottom: A#2. 


Major-General – Father to Mabel & her sisters. Over the top character who sings very quickly. 


Ruth – Frederic’s lifelong nanny. Wants nothing more in life than to see Frederic happy, healthy, and by her side. Vocal range top: Eb5. Vocal range bottom: G3.


Kate and Edith – Children of the Major-General. Quick-witted and rather sassy. Vocal range top: G5. Vocal range bottom: Ab3. 


Samuel – The Pirate King’s right-hand. Samuel is clever but easily manipulated and influenced. Vocal range top: F4. Vocal range bottom: Bb2. 


Sergeant – The leader of the police. Groucho Marx-esque and uncomfortably clumsy. Though their duty to protect is clear, the Sergeant and the police are more accustomed to fear and hide. Age: flexible. Vocal range top: E4. Vocal range bottom: G2. 


Ensemble – Daughters, Pirates, Policemen. All ages. Must sing well and be able to dance a little. 



Send videos in by WEDNESDAY, JuLY 7 at 

 9:00 pm:  Please send in 32 bars of a classical piece (Broadway or Opera). You may sing from the show. Send videos to 


Rehearsals begin on Sunday July 11 and will be every Sunday leading up to August 5TH. THERE WILL THEN BE MORE REHEARSAL DAYS ADDED. ALL REHEARSALS WILL BE HELD IN THE STROUDSBURG/east stroudsburg area. tech week and performances will be HELD in scranton.