The Rebel Mission

Our goal at Rebel Stages is to provide communities with professional-quality theater at an affordable cost. To nurture, support and embrace theater artists, of all genders, ages, shapes, sizes, orientations, races and cultures. To cultivate an appreciation of theater in future generations – and rebel against the traditional and often stagnant box in the performing arts industries. “Art is freedom. Being able to bend things that most see as a straight line.”

Fundamentals of Acting with Gillian

Thursdays 6:30pm – 7:30pm

$60 per month

This class will be geared toward the actor, specifically what comprises a good actor. Gillian’s class will focus on:creating an ensemble; movement/space; “where”/environment; “who”/character development; “why”/objective & tactics; utilizing voice; listening/reacting; stage directions/blocking.

The class will also explore various Stanford Meisner repetition exercises along with monologue/scene work.

Learn more about Gillian

Gillian Turner received her BA from Pennsylvania State University. From there, she was accepted as an intern at the B Street Theater in Sacramento, CA, where she received invaluable training as an actor in live theater arts; not to mention that she earned the thrill of acting on both the main stage and their famous traveling children’s theater troupe. When her contract expired, she spent the next decade living and acting abroad. Her favorite city is Chicago where she worked in several venues and earned her Actor’s Equity card–she would still be there if not for the bitter winds of the winter by Lake Michigan.

At thirty years old, Gillian had her son and life changes occurred rapidly and she found herself having to defer her theater dreams.

Gillian moved to East Stroudsburg in 2008 while she was working on obtaining her Master’s degree in Education at East Stroudsburg University; subsequently, she was hired as a teacher at East Stroudsburg High School South. Having established stability, Gillian decided to enrich her life by rejoining the live theater arts surrounding her via her community. She has been honored with many opportunities to act, direct, stage manage, and collaborate with several companies and fantastic people. In short, she has been very happy with that decision…

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